Neutral technology to counter cyber surveillance, espionage, and criminality


Neutrality is dedicated to enabling advanced privacy-enhancing technologies to serve humanity. Neutrality deploys unique security technologies which safeguard the cyber network of organizations whose integrity and trust is essential in protecting people.

neutral technology

We cultivate technological excellence, control the majority of our voting shares, and are based in Geneva, Switzerland.

cyber moonshots

We strive for systemic innovations with the potential of improving existing cyber defenses by at least an order of magnitude.

social venture

We are a social venture with BCorp Statutes, a global network of academic experts and ethical agreements with our users.


Neutrality is at the center of a purpose-driven ecosystem. We enhance the cyber resilience of international non-profit organizations while commercializing our products in vital sectors to achieve long-term sustainability.

6 humanitarian organizations

1 human-rights organization

3 governments

4 corporates