executive Team

Charlotte Lindsey

co-CEO and CSO

Charlotte has decades of humanitarian experience including 10 years as Director at the ICRC. Having authored the ICRC's digital strategy, she has a unique understanding of the needs of the sector.

Stevens Le Blond

co-CEO and CTO

Stevens has conducted award-winning, cybersecurity research at top academic institutions for over a decade. Frustrated by the status quo, he founded Neutrality in January 2019 to make a dent in the universe.

Gernot Heiser

Chief Scientific Officer

Gernot is a world-renowned researcher in Operating Systems (OSs) and co-inventor of seL4, the first formally verified OS kernel. After deploying OKL4 on hundreds of millions of iPhones, cloud-based services are his new frontier.

Mathieu Mirmont

Head of engineering

Mathieu has over a decade of experience building high-assurance systems embedded in satellites and other flying objects. A co-founder of AmpyxPower (competitor of Google X's Makani), he's engineering our take off.

Mohamed Battata

Chief Commercial Officer

Mohamed has a long experience in cybersecurity management in critical sectors. As a former senior cyberstrategist at Deloitte and deputy CISO at BNP, he has a deep knowledge of corporations' security needs.

special advisors

David Patterson

Turing award 2017

academic advisors

June Andronick

Conjoint Professor (UNSW)

Nicolas Christin

Associate Professor (CMU)

Adrian Perrig

Professor (ETHZ)

Franzi Roesner

Associate Professor (UW)

Joss Wright

Senior researcher (Oxford)